Augmented Endurance



“Augmented Endurance” alleviating fatigue during handling medium-weight objects and augmenting our endurance by affecting our weight perception with augmented reality technology. Recent psychological studies have revealed that the perception of weight can be modified not only by haptic stimuli but also by visual stimuli like size, color and so on. Based on this knowledge, we sought to control fatigue and muscle power unconsciously without decreasing of the task performance by changing its visual properties without any complex physical devices.
We conducted user studies to reveal whether our system can modify the output muscle power and to investigate how the count of lift of the dumbbell by changing the brightness value of handling objects using Augmented Reality. The result indicated that subjects produce stronger force in the black superimposed condition than in the white superimposed condition and the rates of the number of repetitions under the black superimposed conditions to that of under the white superimposed conditions are about 18%.



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